Setting Globals in Speckle and fetching it in GH error


I have been trying to set global in my speckle server and when I try to fetch it using Speckle object to deconstruct the properties I get this error in grasshopper

But I also rechecked inside the speckle server. Each time I try setting the global it doesn’t get saved. The Globals tab is empty after I save it. Is this feature under development?

My objective is to set a few globals in my project and extract this information in Grasshopper.

I believe setting the Key and Value from Grasshopper is another way I can set the globals from Grasshopper during the initial send. I also tried this method and was not successful. I couldn’t find the globals on the server.

hey @sujal_ks!

I’ve just tried this and can’t replicate the error. however, I think there may be a bug in the web viewer that is showing you the globals edit page without the warning that you’re not allowed to edit them!

only people who are stream:owner are able to create and edit globals. are you perhaps just a collaborator on the stream? can you try this workflow again with a stream you are the owner of (either request this permission from a stream owner or create a new stream)?


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thanks, @izzylys I tried again the above steps. I’m the owner of the stream but I couldn’t add globals directly on the server nor assign them through grasshopper. I get a notification after I save the global with the notification- a new commit created. But when i go back to globals I don’t see them.

Also checked the browser but don’t see any console error.

Not sure why exactly it isn’t working on my end.


apologies for not getting back to you before the holidays.

I’m back with a bit of an update: I think this is a ui issue - your globals are there but aren’t showing up in the frontend. I was also wrong about the permissions - you should be able to set globals as a collaborator!

this issue has been resolved in our current build and will be available when we release version 2.3.7 (along with a bunch of frontend improvements from @dimitrie !). I don’t have an exact date for you yet, but we are currently testing it so you won’t have to wait too long for it to land in xyz (possibly even just next week!) :blush:

in the meantime though, you’ll probably just have to settle for getting the globals via the clients or connectors rather than viewing them in the browser. sorry for the inconvenience!

if you want to do a quick check in the browser, you can also head to the explorer and do an api call

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