Server storage - Access across streams

Hello Community!

We have a requirement to have some kind of server storage which can be accessed across the streams.

We could not find any elegant way to achieve that except creating a stream with hardcoded naming and using the globals of this stream. We would be appreciated for any advices :slight_smile:


Hey Baris, could you please elaborate a bit more this use case?

Hey Matteo,

We have a hierarchical project structure which is based on speckle streams. We need to store this information on server and should access from any stream. Something like an extended ServerInfo object which can be used to store a json string.

We wanted to ask whether there already this kind of object that we can receive/send from/to server directly without receiving any streams?


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Thanks for the clarifications! I’m still a bit confused :sweat_smile:, but it sounds like you’re looking for something like the globals feature at a server level instead of at a stream level…

Currently, we don’t have this feature! Your best bet is what you’re already doing, to store your data in
a stream and hardcode its id in your script/application.

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Exactly! Thank you Matteo. Then we are on the right way! :slight_smile:

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