Send the views from Reno / Grasshopper to the web version

Hey !
Is there a way to send the views from Rhino / Grasshopper to the web version of the Speckle?

Hi @Monfed , welcome to the community!

Currently the Speckle Grasshopper connector doesn’t support views, but the Rhino connector can send named views! We aren’t currently sending viewports directly, but you can save them as named views and send them with the Project Info selection filter.

Do you planning this function in new version of speckle ?

If you mean supporting views in Grasshopper, probably not anytime soon. If you’re looking to send viewport views from Rhino (in addition to named views), that is something we can look into. Is saving the viewport views as named views not enough for your workflow?

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Everything in my project is optimized and automated as much as possible. I would like all data to be automatically loaded into Speckle, without the need to select something manually

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Good to know! We’ll open an issue to include viewport views automatically when using the Project Info or All filters :slight_smile:

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