Core Speckle Server

  • Docker image (…)
  • Query API - in the works
  • History API
  • Horizontal Scalability & improve overall load performance
  • Migrate from Mongodb to Postgresql (later, once api stable)

.NET Families

  • Grasshopper Receiver [x], Sender [x] - In Progress, check the codebase.
  • Rhino Receiver, Sender - In The Works
  • Dynamo Receiver, Sender - Up for grabs
  • Excel Sender, Excel Receiver - Up for grabs
  • Other Software - Let us know on slack or in the comments below.
  • […]

JS Families

  • Browser Receiver - In Progress, check the codebase.
  • Browser Sender - Up for grabs
  • Nodejs Receiver - Up for grabs
  • Nodejs Sender - Up for grabs […]

Online Viewers & Controllers

  • Tabular viewer
  • 3D viewer
  • See all the rich Speckle history


  • Rhino & Grasshopper Converter ←→ Speckle Objects - In Progress, check the codebase.
  • Dynamo ←→ Speckle Objects - Open
  • ThreeJs ←→ Speckle Objects - Open […]

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A Python client is in progress, as part of the Blender Speckle effort.

It’s functional enough already, but need to port the rest of the client functions from .NET.

Blender has basic functionality for importing a user stream, uploading objects to a stream, creating / deleting streams. This will be pushed to the Blender Speckle repo once the user login stuff is implemented a bit better and some things cleaned up.