Rhino geometry far from origin

A user got wobbly looking meshes in the viewer. It might be caused by the following: when certain Rhino geometry is far from the origin it doesn’t get converted nicely into a mesh. The mesh ends up with way to many faces and vertices. The geometry doesn’t look as it should in the viewer.

The public stream can be found here: Speckle
If you would send the geometry directly (instead of converting it to a mesh) the viewer doesn’t look much better: Speckle

Not sure if there is much we can do, but thought it would be interesting to share.

The GH file: Geo far from orig.gh (71.2 KB)

Info about the screenshot:

  1. geo + mesh are fine
  2. geo looks fine
  3. mesh contains way to much vertices and faces. The geo is a cylinder (closed polysurface) positioned far from the origin (0,0,0)
  4. due to a movement of around 500.000 units the issue occurs


Hey there @JdB!

For the “wobbly looking meshes” in the viewer: Not sure if the new viewer has made it’s way onto xyz, could you try this on our latest.speckle.dev server? I think you already have access to that right?

As for the ridiculous amount of mesh vertices/faces of that mesh, I’ll have a look tomorrow!

Meanwhile, you can set the GH connector to use the current document’s meshing settings. Could you play around with that to see if any of the settings make any difference on this “very far away” mesh?

As always, thanks for reporting this stuff!


Thanks Alan!

It looks like the same on latest. The public stream below contains 4 commits, have a look at the commit name to see what is send (the BREP or the mesh) and which setting is used (default or current doc).

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Hey @JdB :wave:,

We have released a much improved viewer on latest recently. I’ve sent your geometry through grasshopper and this is how it looks like👇. Could you give it a try with the new viewer and let us know if your problem is fixed?


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