Revit Speckle 2.0 Connector - Cannot send objects

Hi Specklers,

Currently I’m facing an issue when trying to send object from Revit (2019 / 2020 no difference) with the Revit Connector (v2). In the screenshot below you can see the error:

I have already restarted my computer twice. Any other ideas :)?


Dirk Sliepenbeek

Hi @dirksliepenbeek! I’ve just gave it a shot on a fresh install, revit 2020, architectural template, freshly installed speckle v2.1.23, and I couldn’t reproduce:

Are you by any chance having different kits, or kits that have somehow been replaced/removed/are outdated?

You can see my commit here: Speckle

Easy fix, reinstalling helped! Will try that first when an issue occurs next time, thanks :slight_smile: