Revit FamilyInstance data duplication

Hey @dmitry,

I was just playing with the Speckle Revit plugin. I have developed similar plugin in past for exporting the Revit data. I just noted that for each family instance you are creating the separate set of mesh data this will create the memory issue and slow down rendering. When model contains say 1000+ family instance. You can use the transformation matrix that Revit providing and keep the single instance of mesh data. You can render the family instance runtime using the transform matrix. This will make application efficient. You might be using internally ? but while exporting through the speckle REST api I get different mesh data for each family instance.



Thanks @Ritesh_Solanke! This is a good shout, and it’s timely - with @teocomi in the front we’re having fights with the revit api just these days for 2.0 conversions to and from speckle.

Initially in 1.0 was not aware you can do what you suggest, then by the time we got aware we never managed to go back and optimise this as fires were burning elsewhere. We’ll look into this for 2.0, esp. as it generates a useful extra edge case for the viewer!

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Cool ! that help lot to improve the performance !

Yes, indeed! Especially as we’re not using the family mesh info when that gets received back into revit, so that mesh is mostly for the viewer (which i need to start working on).