Revit elementTypeId missing

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When trying to use the Objects.BuiltElements.Revit.ParameterUpdater to update parameter values coming from Excel I’m missing the option to access the elementTypeId, so that I can update Type Parameters.
Following the example in the docs Excel | Speckle Docs I was getting frustrated about not being able to update a certain BUILT-IN type parameter, but realized that I was using elementId’s opposing to elementTypeId.
Looking in Revit and getting the elementTypeId, using Revit Lookup, I was able to succeed with the process, but I’m still missing the elementTypeId on the speckle Base object.

Would that be possible to implement in the speckle-sharp repo?

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Hey @martinromby !

Thanks for this, yes it’s definitely possible :). We had originally excluded any property of type ElementId to be sent via Speckle primarily because these numbers a meaningless outside Revit (or outside a specific Revit document) and we would rather instead transfer information that could be consumed by other software.

But I do think yours is a valid use case, so I’ll try play a bit with it today!


Thank you so much @teocomi - much appreciated. :clap::pray:
A small addition would be to include the element category, since this is also only available for elementTypes.
I see and understand the reasons as of why it’s only available for elementTypes, but it would very beneficial to have the category when querying the objects in Excel and GraphQL. :pray:

I’m looking at this now, you’re referring to adding the category to each element, right?
If so, I wonder why it wasn’t there already! :slight_smile:

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Yes that was what I was trying to say - the category is null for elements

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Added in the imminent 2.9 release :slight_smile: