Revit crashes, Revit Connector refuses to push objects

Hi all,

we are currently in a hot phase with a customer project which relies on speckle.
They now contacted us that they are not able to push their model to speckle with the latest connector.

As I tested it it seems like the new speckle connector for revit (2.9.3) is not really stable when it comes to big, real, projects. I’ve tried to push just 700 objects (walls, doors, windows and so on, so aec stuff) and it already refuses to push. Sometimes it crashes when starting to push, sometimes it looks like it works but then nothing gets pushed to speckle (empty stream).

The customer is hosting his own server, v.2.9.2. I tested it with a localhost deployed server.

Since the last few versions the amount of those similar issues are increasing.
Is there something I can do about it? Is it a known problem? I think ~700 objects shouldn’t be as of a problem. Can you help us?


Hey, @lklepper sorry to hear that!

We haven’t changed much which could be affecting the stability of the connector on send. In these circumstances, the best way ahead is if you could share a sample model with us that we can test with (happy to sign an NDA if needed).

If possible, I would also suggest testing by sending to XYZ, just to rule out any possible server stability issues.

Feel free to reply via DM!

Hi @teocomi thanks for the fast answer.

I sent you a DM. Let’s discuss in private about NDA and stuff :slight_smile: