Revit crashes after Speckle Manager upgrade

Hi there,
after removing and re-installing the Speckle Manager back to my system I cannot open models in Revit 2021:
Model starts to load and after model splash screen appears for a second whole Revit crashes.

I removed Revit connector from the Manager and I can open the model correctly now.
Not sure then if the issue is actually Manager related or if it’s Connector issue (maybe just by coincidence it came up after my Manager upgrade). I had no issues with running that model yesterday, before playing around with re-installing Manager.
My Revit 2021 build is

(originally I asked about the Manager upgrade procedure on LinkedIn but though I’d move the discussion here)

Hi @simplynail sorry about this! Can you please make sure the accounts you have in Manager are all valid and working (so no localhost or unavailable servers)?

We fixed recently a bug that was causing a crash in Revit when no valid accounts were found, and it’ll be included in 2.9.

Thanks @teocomi,
I’m actually also in a process of upgrading local server instance so the server was down when I had those crashes - I’ll check that trace!