Revit 2019 Connector does not find streams

Hello dear Specklers,

we are having a bit of Tekla Data which we want to receive in Revit 2019. Somehow we have struggles with the connector of exactly this version. Revit 2020 onwards is working. I thought that maybe the change in the SQLite version on your side was the issue and we went back to an older connector version … screen looked the same. We started with 2.9.0 and went back until 2.7.0.

There were no streams found although the connector was referenced to an account and the colleague was invited as a collaborator to the stream. Maybe you have a quick idea what can be the issue.

Thanks :slight_smile:


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Hey @AlexHofbeck ,

We’re indeed facing continuos issues with Revit 2019 because of how legacy it is and it will be discontinued from the next release.

Nevertheless, @connor has fixed this bug and made a special release, to install it please use this installer so that it will not conflict with the Manager one:


This UI (DUI) is not as intuitive as the newer UI in the newer verisons of Revit (DUI2). Unlike DUI2, DUI does not automatically load any streams that may be attached to your account.

What happens when you hit the button in the bottom right to load a stream from your account?

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