Recommend Option Send Data Object

I have a discuss with team, May be good if we have this option for all tool transfer exchange:

An option allow user check :

  • Object And Properties : Allow Send Information Object And Parameter Properties of Objects no include Geometry Information
  • Geometry Only : Allow send Geometry Object only , not include Parameter Properties of Objects
  • Both : This is what team doing, send every thing of this object to stream.

I have some reason to recommend about that :

  • the user just need data to track data or follow data they want, so they want to call data faster from this stream
  • The user just needs to visualize geometry to can embed to platform of them.
  • Stream lighter
  • Send stream Model faster
  • A lot of issue come from geometry, it is good to do with data first.

I appreciate hearing some comment from team !

May be it can add this option to here :

For receive data, this should have, because user just want to receive like schedule, excel, …