Question: Why can I not get all section sizes from Revit 23 to Etabs 20?

I have created a basic RC frame in Revit 23 ( and then used the new Dynamo script to create the analytical model. I then send the phyical and analytical model to Speckle and then receive it in ETABS 20.3.0. Most of the section sizes are coming through as dummy, only a few at base to ground level are actually pulling the data from Revit. Anyone have any advise on this?

To clarify, are you sending the analytical model to Speckle with Revit Connector and not directly from the Dynamo script?

Hi Jonathon, Yes using the Revit Connector to send from Revit to Speckle, and the Etabs connector for Speckle to Etabs

We can look in context if you can share the Speckle Stream you have committed data. You can share by DM.

Ideally, if you can also share a dummy Revit file with problematic geometry as a comment attachment to the same commit, all the better.

We’d be happy to look at this if you could share some models/definitions for us to replicate!