Question: How can I integrate Speckle stream to my website


I have created a script in Grasshopper that executes 3D models and gives outputs for its components in terms of sections, weight, dimensions e.t.c.

Now I would like to adapt my script to Speckle XYZ and create a stream that will do exactly the same.

The final idea would be to integrate this Speckle stream to my website so people can go there, create their own models and download the outputs.

Would this be possible using your services and is there any fixed-price or subscription for it?

Thanks in advance,
H. Dimitrov

Hi Dimitrov,

Yes, this sounds definitely possible, and our XYZ server is free to use!

After you have generated your geometries you can send them to Speckle in the same stream in different branches, or to individual streams.

Then, you could embed the viewer in your website using an iframe (easy) or by integrating it directly (advanced).

Let us know if you have any more questions!

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Hello Matteo,

Thank you for your quick response!

At the moment that was all I wanted to know, and I am very happy with your detailed answer. I will now start exploring the interface and all the tools that Speckle offers in details, and will try to adjust my script to it. If I have any questions during this process I will ask again.

I am quite surprised that such a powerful tool like Speckle is open source. Respect for the hard work!

Kind Regards,



Just to clarify @teocomi’s answer, it is possible to integrate Speckle into your website (we’ve done several demos/tutorials about it) but:

When you send some geometry from Grasshopper(or any other connector) to Speckle, you are sending the end result, not the full grasshopper definition that generated it.
This means that, if you’d want your users to be able to change inputs and have the geometry be generated “on the web”, you’d still need some kind of service like Rhino.Compute or Shapediver to pull it off.

  • Services like Rhino.Compute or Shapediver provide a way to run your GH definitions on the cloud, but don’t provide user authentication, data storage, access control…
  • Speckle does not provide “cloud computing” functionality, but it does provide you with user authentication capabilities, data storage, access permissions, version history, etc…

So basically we’d be providing half of the solution I think you are looking for. Note that Grasshopper Speckle should work with Rhino.Compute nicely, so combining them should not require much effort.

There are other ways of getting around this limitation by pre-computing a set of desired outcomes; but this would depend on how many inputs, and how complex, your designs are. We had a chat about this with another user (you can check it here: Speckle, Interoperability Dynamo, Grasshopper and Three.js - #3 by AlanRynne)


Hi @AlanRynne ,

Thank you for the further explanation! It is amazing how well you described my idea and what I actually want to achieve in such a short answer.

As I am a civil engineer and not a developer I would have to go with Shapediver, as Rhino.Compute goes quite beyond my skills. I have actually already started to adjust my script to Shapediver but was looking for other possible solutions.

Out of the topic, I see huge potential in Speckle and what it does. Have you thought of a Speckle connector for Tekla Structures?


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Hi @teocomi ,

I have just embedded the Speckle viewer to my website! It is just amazing how it works!

Is there any way to improve the loading time of my model (uploaded on Speckle from Rhino) and change the color of the geometry?

Thank you


Hey! Happy to hear your excitement! @cristi is wrapping up some serious speed improvements for the viewer, so stay tuned.

From your side in rhino, the only thing you can do is maybe to send just meshes instead of breps, and make sure they are “light”. Rhino sometimes makes some monster meshes for very simple things…

Colours can be controlled via the materials of each layer, and there’s a way from GH as well (see this: Adding Colours and Materials to Your Grasshopper Models)