Question: Future interoperability between Tekla and Revit?

I know the Tekla Connector is in Alpha. I successfully sent a column and a beam from Tekla 2021 to Speckle v2 and it looks good in the viewer.

Curiously I received the same Stream in Revit 2022. The placement of the Beam and Column looks correct, but obviously the stream has not enough information about Revit Family and Type, so the steel-profile in Tekla was created as a random Concrete Rectangular profile in Revit.

What are the future thoughts or possibility regarding this kind of interoperability?
Obviously one has to create a mapping in some way. Like, when Tekla says xxx beam type, that means yyy Family Type in Revit.


Hi @Magneg !

Great timing on this problem. I’m actually working on it right now as we speak. So it’s coming. Stay put !



In regards to this we don’t have a specific answer yet! We’re investigating what’s possible within the Tekla environment at the moment. For instance, we might let users specify family and type and attach them to each tekla object.

Maybe you have any suggestions on how we could do so?