PowerBI - Extracting Family Parameter Issue


I am looking for some help with PowerBI Speckle queries, I have gone through the tutorial series which has been great. However, I have not been able to extract a family name from the data.

Looking at the speckle viewer, it appears that the family name is nested data>definition>family name

But when querying the “definition” record in powerbi only speckletype and referencedid appears.

Is there something I am missing?


Hey @ash ,

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Family and Type parameters should also be available at the top level. If you cannot find them, please share the Speckle Model URL with me so that I can take a look and get back to you.

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Hi Both,

Just to come back to this topic, I’m actually not having any luck extracting the family parameter from furniture instances.

My furniture instances are appearing as Objects.Other.Revit.RevitInstance, when viewing online, it shows the family parameter name as falling under [definition]. I have tried to extract this but doesn’t seem possible. Also no luck trying to extract [family] from [data].

I have managed to extract the category however.

Under parameters, Family Name and Family and Type all provide a number string not a name

Have I missed something?

Hey @ash ,

Here’s a brief explanation on what Instances are: What are RevitInstances in Power BI? - #2 by gokermu

Can you let me know if following post does the job?