Pipe network Civil 3D - Revit coordinates

I have one beginners question about the Add In for exporting pipe networks to Revit.
In Civil we usually model the pipe network with true coordinates.
Revit has some issues with files/objects which are too big. Usually they show up.
We had that issue when we tried the Add In. The pipes were fine, but
Is there experience on how to deal with that Revit issue? Are there some workarounds (other than moving the pipe network to null point)?
Thanks a lot for your help!
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Hi @Janosch1, welcome to the community!

That’s a good question and it’s related to this ongoing discussion - we are planning to properly scope how to handle project and site points for Revit and C3D and you can follow this issue on github if you’re interested!

For now, Civil3D elements are sent and received relative to the internal origin, while Revit elements are sent and received relative to the project base point. I’d say that currently, the best way to coordinate between Civil3D and Revit is via a Dynamo script that will transform your Civil3D elements relative to your Revit file’s survey point, so you don’t have to change how you are modelling in C3D just to get elements into Revit.

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Hi @clrkng
Thanks a lot for the quick responds!
I will try that workflow.

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Updating this old thread to note that we did implement a reference point setting in Civil3D to pull from custom UCS: Issues with Pipe Networks from C3D to Revit - #9 by clrkng