Pick Lines and Connected Geometry In Revit


I was testing bring mesh geometry from Blender to Revit today. It creates a mesh within a generic model. It appears this model cannot be picked in any way. The real benefit of being able to bring geometry in would be to be able to pick is and use it as an in-place mass to create mass walls, floors and rooves.

Has anyone found a way to use the connected geometry in this way?



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By default, any geometry comes as a Generic Model Direct Shape in Revit. If you want to receive that geometry in any other category, then you should use an intermediary solution (like Dynamo and Grasshopper.)

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We’re also currently working on a new functionality (codename “mapping tool”) that would let you specify additional information when bringing arbitrary geometry into Revit from 3D/CAD software like Blender, Sketchup or Rhino.
In this way, you’ll be able to specify family, category etc directly when sending and not have to rely on Dynamo/Grasshopper.


this would be fantastic.

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Ok thank you @gokermu