Mesh colours GH to Blender

Hi there,

I have a Speckle stream here which shows the Grasshopper colour demo from the tutorials.

When we stream it to a Blender instance it looses the colour information in the mesh.
Is this intended?

It would be great for us if this info could be preserved.

Here is the Blender Render view.

Many thanks!

Hi again,

Is this low priority or are we using Speckle incorrectly?

Please advise?


hello @hhzz!

sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this - I was on holiday last week and missed this post so thanks for pinging it again!

currently, vertex colours are not supported in Blender, tho I’ve just created a github issue to add it to the todo list!

if you want to get colours into Blender now, you’ll need to use the first part of the tutorial you mentioned which uses Render Materials

here is the sample commit from that part of the tutorial:

and here’s the result in blender:

hope that helps!

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