Inconsistent material handling - Rhino


I’ve been noticing that material assignment in block geometry vs unblocked geometry is handled differently by speckle atm. So as an example i have a model that has objects organized by layers and set to material by layer, Model also uses blocks for some parts. Now, when receiving the object in speckle all the objects are assigned the correct materials and render correctly in the speckle viewer.

But when receiving the model back to rhino, half my modell is set to default white while the rest displays correctly.

The geometry within blocks still maintains the byLayer assignment method in the original file, so in order for it to get the correct material, users have to manually fix layer materials from “default material” to whatever material setup the initial file had. Now depending on the complexity of the setup this could be good or bad.

Personally i would prefer either having everything be consistent with the initial file, ( so byLayer assignments stay byLayer and byObject stay by byObject). Or, have everything by Object like the nonBlocked geometry is handled. The first approach would require the layers Speckle creates to also have correct materials set to them.

Is there any reason why the layer properties in the initial file can’t be transfered back to Rhino (display color / render material) when receiving a stream?(assuming the initial modell was received from Rhino)