IFC Relations Attributes

Are Relations lost with the IFC Importer?

I have a lot of trouble importing IFC that make use of relations for property sets, so am not 100% surprised if they aren’t present within the IFC importer (not least as it is in early production)

In this instance, I’m looking for the Uniclass code that is stored in IFCRELASSOCIATESCLASSIFICATION in the data viewer but no joy.

In comparison, the inspector view elsewhere.

Before I go wrestle with GraphQL, am I likely to find anything?

The OpenShell converters seem to ditch these (also?).

Don’t go digging, they’re probably not there. We have some pending improvements in the IFC parser (also the nice people from IFCjs recently pushed out a big update to the parser).

It would help if you’d drop us that window file, as we know what to expect from it and will make our life easier when jumping on this!

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no problem

Thanks! I created an issue so we can track this internally: Debug missing IFC Relations Attributes · Issue #471 · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub