How to open recieved project?

Hi, I’m new here.
I try to use Speckle to downgrade version of some families (2023 to 2021).
I normaly send my family from 2023, and recieved in 2021. I got blue message “Recieved succesdfully”.
But then - nothing. It doesn’t automatically open in 2021 and I don’t understand where is it.
The same situation both with project (rvt) and family (rfa).
What’s wrong?

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Hey Maxim, welcome to the forum!

The Revit connector is not capable of creating Revit families from scratch and so cannot be used to downgrade families (with the exception of blocks coming from Rhino, which can be received as new families from 2.16 onwards).

Families are currently matched by name on receive, or you can manually load them, if missing.

We’re looking into the possibility of creating systems families automatically (like walls, floors…), is this something you’re interested in?

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