How to follow status server speckle?

Hi everyone,

how we can follow current status or sever Speckle, we have any API now to can see like or now ?

Any comment appreciate !

Hi @chuongmep - that’s a great suggestion.

We have status monitoring that we use internally but haven’t made it public yet. It is something we can consider adding to our roadmap in the future.

Have you experienced any problems recently that required you to try to check the status of


Hi @iainsproat, that is great information.
Recently, I meet a problem with some render in, that is reason I need to check it is whether problem come from server or from my computer. It is really hard to can check now.

Sorry to hear that you encountered a problem @chuongmep ; we’d like to help everyone have a smooth experience with Speckle, free of problems!

Was it a problem with any particular stream, or are you seeing the problem in many different streams?

Was it an issue in any particular connector? Or only the web browser?

If you do encounter this issue again in your web browser, you can gather some more information by using the Developer Tools (instructions for chrome, firefox, or Edge). The console in these Developer Tools may print additional information about what is occurring, especially if it is an error when receiving data from Speckle’s servers.

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Many thanks @iainsproat, will do by this way you had recommended, lucky to hear that it is included in roadmap of team, at the moment, I can resolve my problem with some tool for develop with web browse because main problem is with web browser with think about optimize big model visualization in speckle.
I appreciate that.

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If you are able to share the url of the Speckle stream with us, we can try to recreate the problem. Please feel free to send the url by private message if it is not a stream that you wish to share publicly.

Hi @iainsproat, I thought about divide stream to manager performant and use add to manage model, maybe it will be better don’t need rushing now. With optimize performance, I need time to can see clearly before report for team or send any link relate. Thank you for your help. :heart_eyes: