Help in adding an account to desktop manager

Hi community,
I am trying to test out Speckle on my work computer, but I am facing issues in adding an account to the Speckle desktop manager.

I have tried adding an account from the desktop manager, it opens the browser where I am signed in and I then grant it permission, but it doesn’t get recognized in the desktop manager.
When I try to add the account from the web app through “Add account to desktop manager” in my profile, nothing happens when I press the button there.

I had IT check it out but still no luck. We have done these steps but that didn’t help:
• We have whitelisted the domains and subdomains as recommended in your FAQ
• We have stopped the firewall and the antivirus.

Here’s a screen shot of the console if it helps:


Hey @SamerB!

Thanks for reporting, it really helps us, also thanks for going through all the suggested steps in our docs. Would you have 10 minutes today or next week for a quick call so I can try see what’s happening on your end?

Hey @teocomi,
thanks for the quick reply. Yes it would be great to schedule a call.

Samer thanks for the live session, for anyone else having similar problems, here’s what we found out:

  • Manager was initially installed from an admin user, that had a different username from the one running Manager

The solution was to install SpeckleManager from the non-admin user, since it does not require any admin privileges it worked well.

We then encountered another hiccup as Manager could not install the connectors, we are still looking into this, it probably has to do with some security measures on the local machine.

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