Grasshopper - Sending Revit Objects - Could not identify any valid transports to send to

Hi I have updated my Grasshopper Connector to 2.13, but now I came across some errors which are not there with the 2.12.2 version

It states 2 errors:
1. One or more errors occurred.
** You don’t have access to stream True on server, or the stream does not exist.**

This is weird, since the stream is available online, but without any data

2. Could not identify any valid transports to send to.

Does anyone know if something has changed in how the sender interprets Revit objects.

I get the same erros when sending other Revit Objects such as Floors…

Hey @Joelmick ,

I can confirm that something weird is going on with those nodes, while we investigate, you can pass the right stream to the sender by URL, which is working as expected, so no need to downgrade.

Regarding the creation of Revit floor elements, we have individuated another issue for which we will release a fix soon today!

Thanks for the reports :v:

Hey @Joelmick ,

Upon further investigations, we found that this is just due to some crossed wires :slight_smile:

The output of the “Update Stream” component is actually just a True or False value corresponding to if the operation worked or not. So you can rewire your definition as below:


Great, it works for me now. Kind of confusion that the S changes in Type from a String to a Bool through the sUP component.