Globals not appearing in Web UI

Globals aren’t showing in UI, but when I query via the API they are being fetched?

  "data": {
    "stream": {
      "name": "Global Test",
      "object": {
        "data": {
          "id": "630e18672937f81d6d877e414f31ba09",
          "placeholder": "something cool goes here...",
          "speckle_type": "Base",
          "placeholder 3": "wow postmodern structure",
          "placeholder 19fq1u": "much 3D digital twin",
          "placeholder 7icg4x": "much discrete BIM",
          "placeholder fa4w3t": "much parametric automation",
          "totalChildrenCount": 0

Not a huge issue, but guessing this is a bug?

@izzylys just found your post here about the same UI issue?

Hi Luke! This is probably because of an unhandled case, can you please share a stream with us that has this problem?

Hi @lukxfnz - I’ve just checked: because of some recent code formatting changes we’ve introduced this undesired behaviour (fancy name for a bug).

I’m going to fix this asap, and changes will be pushed to our testing server, but i’ll need to coordinate with @cristi & @gjedlicska for a release to our production server. They’re on easter break, but maybe I’ll get to steal them for a sec on monday :slight_smile: Will keep you posted here.

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Don’t hurry on my behalf @dimitrie, I’m just playing around; make sure you guys enjoy your Easter & congrats on the funding :grin:

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thanks! actually, good reminder - @gjedlicska just published a release on to our production server, so things should be back to normal re globals on xyz!