Getting user inputs in the Speckle Webviewer for PowerBI like interactivity

HI All,

I’ve been working on a webapp to integrate some user inputs with the speckle viewer and plotly graphs.
I know it’s possible to colour objects based on the iframe url as pointed out by @jonathon

However is it possible to have a two way communication? Where you can grab the user input from the viewer. Say if they pick a filter to drive the input change for the Plotly Graphs. Much like PowerBI.

That would be awesome if anyone had any ideas on how to achieve this.

As I understand it, this isn’t a current capability of the SpeckleViewer in its embedded form.

Interaction between the SpeckleViewer and the Server frontend (which you can use at uses an event/listener buffer between the viewer and code on the same page.

Those events, as implemented, do not currently exit the IFrame security sandbox.


Would this be something you would look to adding to the roadmap of features for later on down the track??

I’m looking into a test case.

Cross-origin interactions across iFrame boundaries run into variable browser implementation/support.

Our recommendations at present for custom use-cases like this are to use the SpeckleViewer directly and then you have full access to the instance without security sandboxes.

That sounds great, keen to be the guinea pig if you need