From Revit to Rhino - axis model

Hello all,

I was wondering if it is possible to send from Revit to Rhino axis model rather than a 3D one? I have a Revit model and would like to to obtain an axis model in Rhino which I can easily update parametrically and then send the updates back. Is that possible or I will need to rebuild my model as axis directly in Rhino without sending it via the Speckle server? (I have seen the video that does the 3D transfer, but is not exactly what I am after)

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Hey @richardmih ,

What do you mean by axis? Grids, levels, reference planes…

Hello @gokermu ,

When I do the transfer from Rhino to Revit, I have my Elements as Axis (BaseLine) and each baseline has properties. Is it possible to send from Revit just the Baseline back to Rhino? So that I can update my Rhino model geometry

Hmm, thats tricky via Rhino connector. I guess you can do it through Grasshopper? If you could share a sample file, we can try to do a proof of concept.

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