Freeform elements from GH to Revit


I’m trying to send multiple Free Form Elements (using only one component), created in Grasshopper, to Revit. The stream looks okay, but when I Receive it in Revit, it only imports 1 SpeckleFreeform object.

DirectShape however does work, but the geometry is ‘dumb’ and not editable (which is required in a later phase).

Best, Wes

Speckle Manager v2.1.9
Speckle Connecter v2.2.2
Revit 2022

Hi Wes, welcome! Could you please also show how the GH script has been set up? A screenshot will do!

Since a free form element can have multiple base geometries, it might be just a matter of grafting that input…

Hey @Wes! I managed to reproduce the error in my computer so it looks like it’s not an isolated thing.

I inspected the objects sent from Grasshopper and they seem fine, so I’m guessing there’s something wrong during conversion in Revit. I’ll have a look during the day to see if we can come up with a quick fix.

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Hey @AlanRynne, did you, by any chance, come up with a quick fix?

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Hi @Wes! Sorry for the late reply, I just came back from a 3 day weekend :beach_umbrella:, I’m hoping I can at least pin point the problem today, so we can plan a way to fix this asap. I’ll keep you (and the rest of the community :wink: ) posted when I do so!


Hey @AlanRynne ,

Do you have any update on this. I tried it this morning and didn’t get the desired result.

I tried to push 4 breps as one family, but I got 4 seperate families…

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hey @Joelmick,

so the original issue was fixed as I understand it.

The way the freeformElement node in GH works right now is on a 1 to 1 basis (1 brep in → 1 freeform element out). This is a limitation on our own model that we can fix. I’m opening an separate issue for this in the repo:

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Just bumping this thread to notify you all that I just merged in the change (which is backwards compatible).

You should know be able to generate new FreeformElements that accept a list of geometries instead of only 1.

Do note that the previous node with the baseGeometry input has been deprecated in favour of the new one with a baseGeometries input, feel free to swap them as the deprecated nodes will eventually be removed from the library.

For the curious: Freeform Elements support for multiple geometries. by AlanRynne · Pull Request #901 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 13.19.34