Feedbacks POWER BI - Speed

Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks a lot SpeckleTeam, the Revit-Speckle-PowerBI connectors are gold !!

Then, I would like to ask the community for feedbacks about how fast does PowerBI Desktop need to process the data you loaded from Revit through Speckle?
For example, when I am dealing with 500-600 Revit elements (doors or rooms), transforming or updating the data in PowerBI takes 15 to 45 min… which is super annoying :slight_smile:

Is it also the case for you guys ?

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks !!


Yes, we are aware. Currently, there is a limitation on PowerBI side when it comes to receiving objects. afaik it’s receiving one element at a time which is a super annoying and lengthy process. We are looking for ways to go around this limitation. I’ll let @AlanRynne explain the rest.