Exporting data from ArchCAD without license?

I wonder if you think it will be possible to export data from ArchiCAD without a license in any way (when the ArchCAD connector is released)? Right now I have to rely on the architect and I would like to the data export myself but buying a license just to get data is not worth the money.

Hey Max!

Our connectors work from within the host applications themselves, so you will need to have ArchiCAD installed to use our connector once it’s released.
Unfortunately, we cannot advise you on if and what type of license would be required to use ArchiCAD for such purpose - I’m sure the Graphisoft team will be able to help you with this!

An alternative would be to use our IFC Import Service.

Hey @MaxT!

In extension to Matteo’s reply,

If you were asking if the workflow: opening an ArchiCAD file in DEMO mode, starting the Speckle connector and sending the content of a file to a server would work, then the answer is yes.

This is great news, can’t wait for the release of the ArchiCAD connector.