Explosion Mode unidirectional

The explosion mode in the new frontend 2.0 (I have peeked a bit into a link with latest.speckle.systems :sweat_smile:) is super nice. By looking at your new UI and this functionality, I immediately had to think about the storey slide functionality of the BIMvision IFC Viewer. It would be interesting to lock that explosion to levels … demolish it in an orderly fashion ;). After that, one would be able to displace a building vertically with the slider and take a look into every storey.



Great feedback Alex!
I think the explosion mode was born a bit as a fun hack, but your suggestion would definitely be a useful addition!


Defs fun - i’ve added it to our board. We’ll see later how we can easily implement this - it might be tricky to get it universally going (not everything has levels).

A quick idea on how we could do this across data from multiple connectors (@alex will probably take it down): we could do it incrementally by tree hierarchy. What i have in my head (totally unsure if this can match with the viewer’s logic easily): from 0 to 0.1 translate (as a whole) first level hierarchies, from 0.1 to 0.2 second level hierarchies, etc.


@dimitrie we can definitely do that. The result will depend on the consistency of the hierarchy’s levels though