Expand Speckle Object multiple objects

Let me clean up my post and come straight to the point. The Expand Speckle Object doesn’t work as expected when multiple items of certain object types (geometry?) are added. It doesn’t expand anymore.

Original post

Would it be useful to update the Grasshopper Expand Speckle Object component so it allows for expanding a list (or tree) with items of the same Speckle object type?

Hopefully the examples below make it clear.

In example 1, there are two the same base objects. Only when the input is a single object the ESO component works.

In example 2, I tried it with another stream. And as you can see, ESO partly expands different Speckle object types (the orange line), but it is incomplete.

I wonder what other people think and if they also experience this “issue”. Should ESO handle multiple items of the same Speckle object type (instead of only 1)? Or maybe by default only fully expand the first item and ignore the rest?

EDIT: I noticed the Expand Speckle Object component works with “simple” base objects directly created in GH. Any thoughts on what could cause it to not work for more complex Speckle objects?

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Weird, def something we need to look into, thanks as always for reporting @JdB !
Cc @AlanRynne

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