Excel <--> Speckle - auto send receive


Suggestion to add an option in the excel to ‘auto’ receive/send speckle data.

This way a ‘live’ connection is made between Excel and Speckle.
this avoids to manually having to ‘klick’ every time to receive/send data.
And would increase the interoperability of different software packages.

Would be a great addition in my opinion :slight_smile:

Besides 1 small question:
is it possible to set a range of data to send from multiple Excel worksheets in 1 stream?
e.g. Here I have set a range of Workbook2 A1:D7


But what if I would like to send data from 2 workbooks in the same stream:

Workbook2 A1:D7
& Workbook1 A1:D7

Any suggestions?
Thanks again!

Hey @GH007 !

Regarding the auto send/receive feature, we’re planning to re-do the Excel interface soon and make it more aligned with the other connectors, so we’ll definitely consider adding auto send/receive at that point.

In regards to sending data from multiple ranges/workbooks, this is not currently possible. And would pose some additional challenges when receiving the data back in Excel (how are the different rages/workbooks handled?)

I’d suggest you to try to create a new sheet/workbook that contains the combined data, that way you will only need to specify one range.


Ahh perfect, looking forward to the update! :slight_smile:

Regarding the multiple workbooks, maybe it would be a suggestion to add an extra path? e.g. the first path nr. determines the workbook nr?
First workbook items all start with an 0: {0;0} {0;1} {0;2}…
Second workbook items all start with an 1: {1;0} {1;1} {1;2}…
Third workbook all start with an 2…

This way the nr of streams are reduced to a minimum (clean), while increasing the flexibility/ more generic purposes (e.g. what if there are not 2 sheets you want to relate to but 10 or more…)

Anyway, your suggested workaround works for know :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Hi @teocomi,

Would it be possible to give a short update regarding the status of the Excel live send/receive function?

When I look for speckle in the Excel ‘store’ I see the version below as the ‘latest’. (version 5/20/2021)
Is this correct?

Would it be possible to give a rough estimate if/when the ‘live send/receive’ will be available?

Thanks again!


Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hey @GH007 ,

Thanks for your patience, the excel connector hasn’t received much love recently as we’ve been a bit swapend by other tasks!
The plan is to update it to have the same as Revit, Rhino etc and as part of that we’ll look at this feature too (tracked here).

We’ll try to fit this in the next couple of sprints, and we’ll def let you know when there’s some progress.

When we make new releases of the Excel connector the version in the store does not change, this is to avoid having it approved by Microsoft every time :wink:

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