Error sending multiple linked modells from the same file - Rhino


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I have a file which has several other models linked in. Modells are between 6-12 mb in size, so rather optimized but they do use blocks to be efficient. I was able to upload all of them individually to speckle but when i try to upload 2+ together i get errors and transfer doesn’t go through.
Exploding the blocks 1 level didnt help.


My best guess right now would be some issue caused by linked blocks, or possible limitations to the file sizes / geometry complexity of modells being uploaded to speckle.

Another thing i would want to point is that this wouldnt be an issue if we had some interface element allowing us to merge existing streams / branches in speckle into a new stream! (feature request!)

Hey @Andrei ,

Thanks for the report, we’re greatly improving how blocks, instances, and linked models work in the current sprint, so I’d definitely like to get to the bottom of this issue too :slight_smile:

Do you have some sample files to share with us?

Regarding the feature request, it’s already possible to overlay branches and commits/ But we’ll definitely look at a merge/federate feature in our next iteration of the web frontend.


Was away for a bit , so a bit of a delay with the response here: Can’t share the modell just yet, and was unable to replicate it in other files. Might be just a freak occurance with that one file. I’ll get back to you if i run into the issue again.

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Glad to hear it got resolved by itself :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to ping us again if you find any more bugs or have features to suggest!

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