Error authentication with keycloak

i’m facing the following error when i integrate speckle with keycloak using OIDC strategy i’m using the docker image of speckle 2.18.1, i followed all the steps of the integration and there’s no error message in the logs of speckle-server

any help please

We’ll probably need the logs from that event. Could you capture them and send them over?
This usually happens if passport didn’t receive (or could not receive) an actual user back, and it might be a misconfiguration on your keycloak instance’s side.


Here’s the logs, i’m using a keycloak instance in a local host , also i deployed speckle using Helm on k8s in the value file i put the necessary parameters to connect to keycloak.


Hi @dimitrie,

can you help on this matter,


Hi @ala_eddine, I actually did manage to reproduce it locally - partially - with some extra weird errors. It seemed like the locally running server was… taken over by keycloak itself when run from docker. I gave up during the weekend :sweat_smile:

What i can probably suggest: try using a different, online if possible, keycloak instance.

I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult for us to prioritise it at the minute as there’s a few other initiatives we’re looking at right now that take precedence (automate, multitenancy). I’ll keep looking at it when i have some spare time and I’ll cc @gjedlicska and @iainsproat for visibility.

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Hi @dimitrie

Thanks for your respond.

I did try using and online version of keycloak but the same error.

I did a research about this error message, and it seems related to *node with express (javascript - Node with Express session issue - Stack Overflow)**,
do you have an idea ?