Email verification issue

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I am facing this issue after I click the click here! I got in email , any idea what could be the problem ?

Hi @mahesh_G_K, we’ll look into this. I’m going to edit your original post to hide the token - just to make sure! We’ll follow up here.

Let us know if the issue resolves itself in the meantime.

Had a look, and it seems like your account is now verified - so things actually worked :slight_smile: Let us know if the problem persists or not with other specklers around you!

I’ve went through the verification process myself just now, and what I suspect happened is that you clicked the link a second time. What’s confusing is that the first time you click the link, if you’re signed in already, we just redirect you to the home page without displaying any notification of any sort.

We’re tracking this here: Frontend: Display success notification after email verification challenge · Issue #672 · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub

Hello @dimitrie !

Yes will let you guys know if it happens with others.

Infact, the first click itself redirected me to the tokens. I went to dashboard and saw ‘Verified email’ didnt get updated that is when I clicked again.

Anyways thanks for the updates.