DirectShape command not assigning type by default


I tried to send a directshape object, but the process didn’t finished, it just stayed processing. So i check the attributes of the shapes and i noticed something, the speckle schema value wasn’t complete.

If you select an object > BIM Elements > DirectShape , then it ask for the type, by default is set on “Floor”.


I pressed enter to assign that one, but it just didn’t.

For some reason you have to click on type and select the options, in this case “floor”, and then the speckle schema has the right name and the sending process completes.

I hope this is clear.



Thanks for this report @Johan_Navarro_MA! We’ll make sure too look into it (cc @clrkng, who has already a lot on her plate, but she’s the queen of this part of speckle!)

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Thanks for the note @Johan_Navarro_MA ! Would you like the command to default to assigning Floor if you press enter on the prompt, or to not allow the command to finish until you assign it a type?

In any case an incorrect schema value shouldn’t stall sending, so I’ll add a check for that :slight_smile:

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Like many rhino commands, i would say that, by default, it should be the last one you chose. I’m fine with floor being default.

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