DesktopUI2 Crashing - Release 2.9

Hi @SpeckleTeam!

We noticed that hitting close on this UI component causes the hosting software to crash. We have tested this with both Release 2.9.2 and 2.9.0 on two different machines.


Hey @d.naughton

Thanks for reporting this! This is a known issue and @teocomi is working on getting a fix for this pushed out pretty soon. I don’t have a timeline for it but maybe he does.

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I keep forgetting that it’s an issue and hitting the button which crashes my application and it is very annoying. We apologize if you’ve been having a similarly frustrating experience.

Fixed indeed for 2.10, if needed, we can also make a hotfix for 2.9 :slight_smile:

@d.naughton we made a 2.9.3 release with a fix, thanks again for reporting!