Default material values adopted - ETABS

G’day All,

ETABS is not receiving any material information from speckle server other than the name.

For example the elastic modulus information is on the speckle server at 32GPa, however when the material is sent to ETABS, the default elastic modulus information is used 27GPa.

This happens for both concrete and steel.

ETABS Ultimate v19.1.0
ETABS Connector v2.8.0

Keen to see if anyone can reproduce this, or has a fix.
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Digging through with my college, it looks as though speckle connector only will add material from the xml library or change the name. [Line 52]

It seems there is no function outside of above to set info outside these limits with use of .PropMaterial.setMPIsotropic, however speckle will utilise .PropMaterial.GetMPIsotropic [Line 158] to fill speckle object data.

speckle-sharp/Objects/Converters/ConverterCSI/ConverterCSIShared/Partial Classes/Materials/ConvertMaterials.cs
Note: Line 52
Note: Line 158

Hey @chriswodzAECOM , welcome to these parts and thanks for the report!
Some of us are currently on leave but we’ll look into this as soon as possible, maybe @connor has some ideas.

Alternatively, this would be a good candidate for Hacktoberfest if you’re up for it :wink:

Hello @chriswodzAECOM ,

You are correct that ETABS is currently not updating the materials. I’ve currently only been creating materials based on names from catalogue. I think the new API recently allowed for updating actual material properties so I didn’t do this in the beginning. So I’ll definitely get to it for the next release.

Thanks for the catch :slight_smile:


Thanks both @teocomi & @Reynold_Chan, I’ll look out for it eagerly. As for Hacktoberfest, I’d need to go back to school to learn to code before digging around in any codebase.