Custom Colours per Speckle Server

I’ve currently got 4 different servers on the go that I’m trying to keep track of for various projects - I had a team member submit a file for me to look at, and I gave him the all clear and only noticed that he’d submitted the work to the wrong server when I glanced up at the URL!

It would be good to be able to choose the accent colour + add a custom logo or for a given server for this reason - it’s a great “at a glance” way to let folks know they’re in the right location.

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Custom “branding” will definitely make its way in at some point, and in this context specifically a Server logo makes a lot of sense!

For a similar reason, I’ve been thinking about a custom emoji/logo (like Notion pages) for Streams (soon to become Projects). Wdyt?


Yeah that sounds great as well! Anything to help that split second of “am I in the right place!”

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As a reference, here’s our custom project Gitlab with logo and tab icon

Tab icon is an .ico file
Logo is locked to 24px height but can be any width

JIRA allows for org Color and Project Color adaptation, is that also something you’d consider necessary @chris.welch ?

Yep, any colour settings are useful as they can help give a shared identity to a given project. Depending on the individual, they may only ever work on one project for many years!