Crowdsourcing for Objects

If you have streams with speckle objects that have been built natively and not imported from Rhino, Revit etc. would you be willing to share these with me?

I’m testing object conversions for the nascent FME connector and would like to cast the net as widely as possible.

Of course, I’m being lazy not making them all myself, but it would be much appreciated :wink:

tia :+1:


been thinking of doing this too, would be really handy to have to testing in unity and other dev stuff. I should channel my wok procrastination to throw something together.

I can recall @Rob creating some Objects programmatically (sorry for the ping!)…

No problem!

@jsdbroughton, I have generated the BuiltElements and Structural classes in Python and used that to send some very basic structures to Speckle. These commits currently contain mostly (or only) Structural objects. I could create a public stream with some commits for you to test. Let me know if that would be helpful!

If you require the BuiltElements, I could also create a basic commit for that. That would be quite simple though, not a complete model.

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All sounds great, the challenge i’m looking to address is supporting elements nominally supported in the Core Kit and am seeking to address those made by ‘official’ connectors and those also to specification but by other means so that sounds great.

Will probably create something today or tomorrow and share it with you.

No rush. Busy with hackathon.

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Added you to this stream:

Contains a simple range of portal frames, with geometry (points/lines), materials, 1D properties and profiles, and 1D elements (beams/columns). The combinations of profiles and materials are randomly chosen. So be aware that it might contain some exotic L-shaped concrete or U-shaped timber beams :sweat_smile:

Let me know if you miss certain attributes that are essential for your conversion!