Create Ceiling using Speckle Schema

Hi guys,

I have been playing with Speckle and lately I have used it in a project to transfer data between Grasshopper and Dynamo to create Ceilings in Revit. So my question is, can I create a simple ceiling (in Revit 2022) using “Create an Object by Schema” given its outline?

Btw, I see some of the elements are in a subgroup called Revit and others are not. So why they are in a separate group and what is their difference from “BuiltElements” category?


Heya! Good question - we should clarify this somewhere in the docs :slight_smile: The separation between BuiltElements and BuiltElementsRevit is a conceptual one:

  • The BuiltElements objects are simpler, cleaner and leaner. They’re basically idealised data transfer object stubs of the definition of those elements. It’s where we define the properties we expect to use further down the line.
  • The Revit subgroup contains fine-tuned objects for translating to and from Revit. Here we’re not shy of defining “impure” props that might be dubious from a conceptual point of view, but Revit loves them. They’re let’s say very pragmatic classes specifically geared towards Revit interop.

Regarding the ceiling question, I remember they’re tricky from Revit’s API point of view. You’ll need to wait until tomorrow morning for @teocomi or someone else to chip in - I don’t remember. But do give it a shot!

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Hi @gokermu , we currently don’t support ceiling creation since that has not been allowed by the Revit API until the recent Revit 2022 release, but we can definitely add it to our sprint coming up!


@gokermu one thing that you can do already, in any Revit verison, is creating ceilings from direct shape or freeform elements via Grasshopper.

This means they will not be editable in Revit, but you’ll be able to use almost any brep/mesh as base geometry:

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Thanks @teocomi,

I actually want to create native ceilings. So question is what is Speckle ceiling and how can i use it in current workflows?

Speckle doesn’t currently support native Revit ceilings, we’ll let you know once we add support for that!

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thanks for taking time to reply and pardon my ignorance :slight_smile:

Hey no worries, we’re way behind docs and stuff ourselves… so totally valid question. We do use that class currently when we extract data out of Revit.

I’ve logged this as an issue:

here’s to hoping we’re gonna close it fast :slight_smile: