Confused about Grasshopper & Data Structure with nested objects

Hi all,

Question regarding what’s happening to the data structure of my object model when there are empty branches and it has been nested.

The first time the object is expanded, the empty branch stays in 0 where it is supposed to be, but when those objects get expanded again, the data shifts up to fill it.

Is anyone able to explain how / why this happens to me please?



Hey @wilham_MM,

:thinking: not sure what could be going on there, but I just checked in my computer and I can reproduce the issue in the latest Grasshopper version.

I opened an issue on GitHub, but we’ll post here once I manage to find the problem and fix it :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this!


hey @wilham_MM!

Found the issue and opened a PR with the fix right now. You should get it in the next beta release, but if it’s a pressing issue let us know and we can try to release the GH fix alone. Needs reviewing but its a fairly small change.

Thanks again for reporting this! Finding these nasty little bugs is super difficult by ourselves alone. :raised_hands:t3:

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That’s great, thanks for looking in to the issue @AlanRynne
Will be sure to let you know about any more if I find them.

How long is it likely to be until next release?