Can't find speckle kits when using GH SDK

@AlanRynne so I uninstalled everything Speckle that I could find and deleted the Speckle folders in both the default user and my own user. Then I installed the new manager and the Rhino/GH connector v2.7.1-appDataFix.

Now it does find the kits! :smiley:
However, it doesn’t find the accounts, which I suppose is also expected.


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Hi again @knut.tjensvoll!

I’m glad to hear that a full reinstall with our new manager somehow managed to get it working.

The “No accounts found” is expected, as I only fixed the Kit logic (that way we had a way to compare). The accounts (and several other non-critical places) still use the “wrong” AppData folder, I’ll work on getting that fixed and release an alpha version for you to fully test as soon as possible.

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Hey @knut.tjensvoll ,

We wanted to give you a quick heads-up in regards to this issue as we’re changing a bit how paths are handled, and that might affect you.

We’re going back to the old mechanism (that used SpecialFolder.ApplicationData), and we will now instead be providing a simple way to override that default path with an Environment Variable.

Changes will take effect in the upcoming 2.10 release of the connectors and in the next Manager release.

If you happen to encounter issues in your Rhino/GH connectors, you can just add an Environment Variable named SPECKLE_USERDATA_PATH with your actual user path (which should be C:\Users\909587\AppData\Roaming).

Please let me know if you have any questions!