Cannot sign up for the Hackathon πŸš€

Something keeps going wrong when I try to sign up for the Speckle Hackathon

Should I email

Hey @JoostGevaert,

That’s weird, from our end, things seem to work properly. Try again and see how it goes, maybe at that moment something went wrong with Devpost. If it still gives you an error, then it’s better to contact support.

Let us know how it goes.


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Thanks Nikos,
Tried it again, different laptop, different browser, etc. To no avail.
I’ll write an email to DevPost :slight_smile:

For the mean time, here the Speckle Hackathon idea I want to participate with together with Martijn van Blijswijk: Project Pulse: Public Geotech & 3D GIS Data β†’ Optimal Tunnel Path with AI

Hey @JoostGevaert ,

Are you using emojis or special characters by any chance? Emojis are not supported and give that error usually.


Aaaah, that must be the problem!
Let me give it another try :slight_smile: