Cannot install Speckle Connectors from Manager

Hi Dimitrie,

I, Aravinda from Atkins again, It was nice talking to you recently.
Regarding connectors, I am seeing the connectors are not getting downloaded due to port block issue. I am not sure which ports are being used to download connectors and it might take time to unblock these ports as well due to IT Process.
I understand the risk of manually installing connectors, however since it’s POC and I am running out of time, can you please let me know the instructions to install connectors manually for Rhino, Dynamo, and Revit.
Also, do you have any .net c# sample projects to create some test connectors in .Net?

Thank you

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Hi Speckle team, did some one had time to help me with this?

Hey @arvnda,

Since Speckle is open source :sunglasses: all our code is available. You can check out our speckle-sharp repo here. It contains all the connectors which you can build and debug locally. Just pop open a connector project or the All project in your IDE to build / debug. I think the only tricky one is Rhino for which you’ll need to drag the SpeckleConnectorRhino.rhp file from the ConnectorRhino/Debug folder directly onto the Rhino viewport when you first launch.

They should give you lots of inspiration for how to write your own connectors, but we also have documentation on this if you’d like further information.

Note that you will still need the Speckle Manager with an account added to it to be able to use the connectors.

Let me know if you have any trouble.


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Hi @arvnda ,

As we discussed in our call, if you cannot install the connectors from Manager, please try unblocking these URLs: FAQs | Speckle Docs
As well you could try temporarily using a different network or bypassing your VPN/firewall altogether if possbile.

If you want to install the connectors manually, you’ll first need to compile them, then, if you tell me what connector you want to try I can give you some instructions on where to copy its dlls. Please note that some connectors require adding registry keys and other advanced operations.

The rest has been answered already by Izzy above :slight_smile:

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Hi @teocomi / @izzylys

The github repo seems to be good and I have started with Desktop UI.
However I am unable to push my data to or my own custom speckle server.
I did change this file to reflect the stream ids, but its not uploading data, though it seems so.
Or might be I am uploading to an incorrect stream.
I changed the stream settings like id and name in this file

Just wondering do you have any help documents or can you point to any manual or video?


this is the UI for speckle where I am uploading data.

Hey @arvnda ,

Great that you could spin up DesktopUI.

Documentation on writing connectors can be found here: Writing Your Own connector | Speckle Docs

By default, DesktopUI doesn’t have any data to push, it’s just a user interface. In order for it to be able to send data, you need to create custom bindings. Please see this section of the docs on how to do so.

Note that this is not a trivial task, if you just want to send data to speckle as a proof of concept I’d suggest scripting something in .NET or Python instead.

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Hey @arvnda,

Alternatively, if you’re not looking to write your own connector and just want to run one of the existing connectors, you need to build the connector projects themselves - not just the DesktopUI. As Matteo mentioned, the DesktopUI itself doesn’t do anything on it’s own as it requires bindings for an application to pick up and send data.

Eg, to use the Revit Connector you’ll need to open the ConnectorRevit solution and successfully build it. Then you can open up Revit and use the connector as normal. Some of the connectors will have extra steps post build that are mentioned in the project’s readme. For example, as I mentioned in my first message, Rhino requires the extra step of dragging the rhp onto the Rhino viewport on first load.

@teocomi @izzylys
Hi Matteo / Izzy / Speckle Team

  1. I have set up speckle on Rhino.
  2. When I send the data to my custom speckle server. The data is not going through and I am seeing the API failing. I am seeing 405 Error. Am I missing any configuration?

Can you help me with this?

Team, any update on this?
Definitely this is not firewall issue and I can replicate this even in my personal laptop too. Where are the communication to seems to be fine

Hi there - we’re trying to reply as fast as we can, usually pinging us again doesn’t do much. As we’ve said previously, we can’t really debug properly other people’s server deployments as it’s a nightmare of second guessing each other.

The only things that come to mind is that it’s either a misconfig with nginx, or an old server version (are you on the latest one release?).

I am on the latest version of Speckle @dimitrie; I did not do any extra configuration for nginx. Do we need to configure anything different?
I am sorry to push you,and I understand you would be having a lot of requests, but it’s just like we have a time difference and we have an internal demo for speckle and this is becoming critical.

Currently, this request is failing
POST Speckle HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer 631d12108591daab8f82c09fd8cacbeb1e260320f8
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 496
Expect: 100-continue
Accept-Encoding: gzip


Hi, you’re not on the latest version:

left: your server doesn’t have the version info in the serverInfo query, which means it’s quite behind - we’ve merged that code in early May this year. (right: how this query should look like, from our cloud offering).

Please update and then we can possibly go somewhere. Alternatively, why not use our server for the demo?

To elaborate: we’ve introduced some new endpoints that are required for the latest clients to work, hence the need to update.

Another problem we’ve noticed that is unrelated to your current issue but may affect you even once you upgrade is the lack of SSL/TLS (no https).

Hi @dimitrie,
Thanks for the suggestions and support, I took the latest image from docker and I was able to send and receive data from our speckle server. I did force docker to clean up and get all the images again.
Though I was not able to use the Speckle Manager, due to a firewall issue on my corporate laptop, I use d the speckle connectors from your speckle-sharp repo as suggested by @izzylys .
I am trying to transfer some very basic models.
I Will reach out to you in case I am having issues with complex models.
Also, I did not install speckle/speckle-preview-service as ports were clashing with speckle frontend;
I see it as optional. However, I don’t see much documentation around speckle/speckle-preview-service.
One more thing in docker hub for speckle front end, in tags section I don’t see the version no every time. Is it ok to us those images which has guid.

Again thank you for your support

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Great to hear you managed to get Speckle up and running! Hope the presentation went well.

Regarding your questions:

  • preview service, yes, we’re due to add some documentation on this. As you say it’s optional
  • firewall issue, hopefully your IT department can unblock those addresses
  • frontend container tagging, @cristi maybe you can clarify how it works?