BIM Mapping tool for Revit

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very interesting.
Where was the beta version of the mapping tool for the Revit connector released?
How is the mapping done or what can be mapped (all attributes/properties)?

Mapping only for receiving, or also for sending?

Are there also options like “DontExport” and “DontImport”?

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Pinging @connor @Reynold_Chan to go into more detail about the mapping tool!

We currently don’t support a way to selectively filter which subelements and properties to exclude or include on our send and receive, but understand that there are security and proprietary reasons for wanting this feature. This behavior may be integrated down the line if there’s enough demand, but afaik it’s not on our roadmap

Have a look at our docs here: Revit | Speckle Docs

The mapping tool should already be available in 2.8!
As soon as the functionality gets more stable, we’ll release a tutorial as well :slight_smile:

Topic split from What about non-visual properties? - #3 for clarity.

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So far mappings is only supported for uni-directional right now. That is on recieve to Revit.

We are slowly rolling it out across other connectors that would make sense for mappings such as ETABS and Tekla.

Feel free to give us feedback about what you like or don’t like about the mappings.