Automatic update in grasshopper?

you can no longer receive streams in grasshopper automatically without clicking the receive button?

Right click, and there’s an “auto receive”! If it’s not there, we’ve broken something :adhesive_bandage: @AlanRynne just texted me that’s he’s double checking the button is still there :slight_smile: (paranoia never hurt…)

yep that is how i always remembered it :slight_smile: . but don’t see that anymore


we’ve broken something.

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Ooopsies! I’ll look into this to fix it…

Meanwhile, you can use the Synchronous Receiver, only difference is that it will block the UI while it receives.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 15.53.05

cool thanks
writing code…

the synchronous one is not updating either, it just tells me there is an update

Oh yeah sorry, I should have explained myself better :slight_smile:

That one will not “automatically” receive for you, just when the input changes or you press ‘F5’. I’m working on a quick fix now for the Receive node. If I manage to fix it I’ll make a new release of that connector so you can get it.

@r_c it’s fixed!!

In a couple of minutes you should see the new version 2.2.6 for the Grasshopper connector in your Speckle Manager.

Let me know if you have any trouble :slight_smile:


thank for the update. it crashes quite often but I don’t know if that’s me doing something wrong.

Yikes. We’re gonna meet tomorrow, but if you can dump us a crash log or some reproduction steps in the meantime, we’d be really grateful 🙇‍♂️