Autocad stream selection resets when changing from tab to tab

I’m testing speckle in my AutoCAD. It’s working like butter. So happy. BUT, every time I switch tab to another file, all my selection done are not save between files. I have to reselect again all the layers that i want to stream and send them to rhino. Could i request for speckle AutoCAD connector to store different selections for different files.

Speckle v2.7.5


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Hey @Johan_Navarro_MA , glad to hear you’re liking it :blush:

Are you saving the stream to each file after making your selection, before swapping tabs? Hypothetically that should store your selected send filter, but if that info is not persisting & refreshing in the stream I’ll make a quick fix.

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Oh, i wasn’t saving it. Is it here?

Ok, I clicked this, it closed and went back to the streams manager (?), but I can’t identify which was that one I just saved because all of them says “Updated 17 hours ago”, but yes, this list has all past streams with their layers selected :slight_smile:

Maybe i’m just kinda confused with how i’m testing it and what this time stamp represents. I just checked sending something and the list checks the new sent stream. :smiley:

Ah yes we’ve had some internal discussions concerning saved stream legibility, but currently every time you save the stream with different send/receive options, it will create a copy in your saved streams in the “stream manager” view. Also, when you perform any send or receive in a stream, that will automatically save the stream and the last selected settings to your file.

It looks like you have a few versions of your stream sender saved! If you know you’ll be using the same selection repeatedly for sending, it’ll help to clean up your saved stream versions and just leave that one.

We’ll revisit this topic though, it could help to add a nested feature so you only see 1 stream card with multiple send/receive configurations saved, or allow users to name their saved stream locally to help them differentiate between different versions. And/or make the save feature more accessible. Thanks for the feedback!

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Allowing a name for save files would be great. In my experience, I actually wasn’t paying attention to this list and didn’t know why it was growing :joy:. I did thought it was some kind of register for my activity, but I wasn’t aware this could be used because I didn’t know how to identify which was the last one


This is the part that I don’t get: I don’t know what action is consider an update to a stream. Closing and opening a file?